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Metal Rasching Ring with Simple Structure and Light Weight

Metal rasching ring, whose height is same as diameter, has a simple hollow cylindrical shape. Designed by F.Rasching in 1914, metal rasching ring which was first invented is a kind of random packing in geometrical shape. Metal rasching rings in large size (great than or equal to 100 mm) are generally set and filled in towers neatly, while metal rasching rings in small size (less than or equal to 75 mm) are huddled in the packing towers. Because of its simple structure and light weight, it is easy to manufacture and operate. Working as a catalyst support, metal rasching ring is widely applied to many different fields.

This is a piece of metal rasching ring.
MRR-01: Metal rasching ring has a simple hollow cylindrical shape.
There are several metal rasching ring in different dimensions.
MRR-02: Metal rasching ring is easy to manufacture and operate.
Specification - metal rasching ring
Model Nominal diameter (mm) Diameter × Height × Thickness
D × H × δ (mm)
Bulk number (m-3) Bulk density (kg/m3) Specific surface area (m2/m3) Void volume (m3/m3) Dry packing factor (m-1)
MRRS-01 DN 16 16 × 16 × 0.5 248000 660 350 0. 90 460
MRRS-02 DN 25 25 × 25 × 0.8 55000 610 220 0.93 290
MRRS-03 DN 50 50 × 50 × 1.0 9400 430 110 0. 95 130
MRRS-04 DN 80 80 × 80 × 1.0 1820 80 60 0. 96 80
Materials: SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L, carbon steel.


  • Simple shape & structure.
  • Large flux.
  • High void volume.
  • High strength.
  • Good acid resistance.
  • Cost-effective.


Metal rasching ring can be applied to drying towers, absorption towers, scrubbing towers and regeneration towers in chemical, metallurgic, gas and oxygen generation industries, etc.


  • Covered by moisture-proof film.
  • Packed in high-strength & dry boxes.

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