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List of Tower Packing

Metal Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing

Metal perforated plate corrugated packing is a kind of structured packing made of arranged web pieces and it is widely used in industry of fine chemicals, etc.

Metal Wire Gauze Structured Packing

Metal wire gauze structured packing is an universal type of packing composed by several mesh plate corrugated sheets which are vertical arranged in disks.

Metal Cascade Mini Ring

Metal cascade mini ring is commonly a cylinder with several windows open on the surface and a trumpet-shaped expanded opening at one end.

Metal Pall Ring

Metal pall ring which has both a unique multiple-blade design and several windows open on its surface, is widely used in separation and absorption devices.

Metal Intalox Saddle

Metal intalox saddle generally made of stainless steel or carbon steel, is composed by annulus and saddle and is widely used in chemical industry, etc.

Metal Rasching Ring

Metal rasching ring whose height is same as diameter, has a simple hollow cylindrical shape and is widely applied to drying, absorption & scrubbing towers.

Metal Conjugate Ring

Metal conjugate ring, adopting conjugate curved structure with suitable length diameter, is widely used in various extraction and distillation applications.

Metal Mellaring Ring

Metal mellaring ring shaping like a wreath, makes alternate arrangements for eight-arc rings and four-arc rings & can be applied in purification towers.

Metal Super Mini Ring

Metal super mini ring, whose height-diameter ratio is about 1/3, is an annular random packing with short body and open-cell design.

Plastic Teller Rosette

Plastic teller rosette in oblate shape, is arranged by 12 annuluses according to their radial directions and can be used in water treatment process.

Plastic Pall Ring

Plastic pall ring, made of quality polypropylene, polyethylene and many other plastic materials, is a cylinder whose height is same as its diameter.

Plastic Cascade Mini Ring

Plastic cascade mini ring adopting trumpet-shaped design with several windows open on the surface, can be used in petroleum, chemical and coal gas industry.

Polyhedron Empty Ball

Polyhedron empty ball, composed by two hemispheres, is a spherical random packing made of polyvinyl chloride and is widely used for packing towers.

Plastic Rasching Ring

Plastic rasching ring made of PE, PP, PVC and other quality plastics, is widely applied in petrochemical engineering and water treatment processing.

Plastic Intalox Saddle

Plastic intalox saddle, composed by annulus and saddle, is made of heat-resistant and anti-corrosion plastic and is widely used in the packing towers.