This picture shows a tower packing, a demisters and a spray on the picture.

Tower Packing for Separation, Absorption & Distillation Processing

Boegger Industech Limited manufactures first-class tower packings, tower trays, distributors and demisters in various dimensions and styles. Our products are mainly including: metal perforated plate corrugated packing, metal wire gauze structured packing, random packings (metal cascade mini ring, metal super mini ring, polyhedron empty ball, and so on), floating valves tray, guided sieve tray, fixed valves tray, trough pan distributor, two-stage trough liquid distributor, spray nozzle distributor, wire mesh demister, wave type wire mesh demister, drawer type demister and PTFE demister. All of our products can be customized according to your requirements.

  • Our company has twenty-six-year production experience.
  • Our target customers are middlemen, resellers and purchasers of factories.
  • Our quality tower packings, tower trays, distributors and demisters can provide effective solutions for separation of gas and liquid, distillation for the hard separation system, the thermosensitive system and high purity products.
  • Our first-class tower packings, tower trays, distributors and demisters are widely used in separation towers, absorption and distillation towers in chemical, environmental protection and light industries, etc.
There are tower packings, demisters, tower trays and distributors in different types and dimensions.

Seven indicators system for you to feel comfortable buying.

Material Supply System

  • Best quality
  • Regular suppliers
  • 100% inspected before being put in use

Production Management System

  • Strict production processing
  • Workers demanded to dress uniformly

QC System

  • Advanced testing technology
  • Detect unqualified products

Packing System

  • Packed in dry & strong boxes
  • Modes of packing upon customers' needs

Inventory System

  • Stored in clean & roomy warehouses
  • Classified storage

Inspection System before Delivery

  • Detect and check again
  • Refuse unqualified products

After-Sales Service System

  • Excellent after-sales service team and process
  • Solve your problems timely and perfectly
  • Easy to change & refund your products or get compensated
Hot Products

Metal Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing

Metal perforated plate corrugated packing is a kind of structured packing made of arranged web pieces and it is widely used in industry of fine chemicals, etc.

Floating Valves Tray

Floating valves tray has many holes and valves on the surface and it can be used in applications where higher turndown ratios are required.

Trough Pan Distributor

Trough pan distributor, combining the advantages of both trough distributor and pan distributor, are installed on the top of packing towers.

This is a piece of tower packing.
Case Study

Compact Structure and Light Weight

We are glad that the metal rasching rings works effectively. These lightweight tower packings have simple & compact structure. Really awesome!

Hideo Aucoin



Suitable for Our Packing Towers

Metal perforated plate corrugated packings we have bought are well suited to our packing towers. They are good at separation treatment.

Alice Nagy