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Spray Nozzle Distributor Provides Wide Airflow Channels

Spray nozzle distributor with compact structure, is a popular type of distributor used in packing towers. Under the pressure, spray nozzle distributor can distribute liquid on the tower packing through nozzles. It can provide wider airflow channels and higher spraying density, thus the spraying region of spray nozzle distributor is much bigger than which of the hole tubular distributor.

There is a 3D model of spray nozzle distributor.
SND-01: Spray nozzle distributor is one of the most popular type of distributors.
Spray nozzle distributor is being used to distribute liquid.
SND-02: Spray nozzle distributor can provide high spraying density.
There are structure diagrams of spray nozzle distributor from different views.
SND-03: Spray nozzle distributor has compact structure.
Specification - spray nozzle distributor
Model The inner diameter of tower (mm) The inner diameter of main pipe (mm) The number of branch on each side The number of nozzles Flow rate (m3/h)
SNDS-01 900 50 0 1 9.5
SNDS-02 1000 50 0 1 13.6
SNDS-03 1200 76 0 1 17.7
SNDS-04 1300 76 0 1 21.8
SNDS-05 1500 76 0 1 27.3
SNDS-06 1800 100 2 7 41
SNDS-07 2000 100 2 7 54.6
SNDS-08 2400 100 2 7 68.2
SNDS-09 2700 152 2 7 88.6
SNDS-10 3000 152 2 7 109.1


  • Easy to replace.
  • High spraying density.
  • Compact structure.
  • Covering large tower section.


Spray nozzle distributor is being used more for the process of heat exchange and scouring. It is also widely applied in crude distillation tower in refinery, vacuum tower and fractionating tower in other fields.


Packed in carton cases or upon on your requests.

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